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Last Modified: 21.11.2013

Activities encompasses all actions on objects, that is, calls, tasks, meetings, and emails are all grouped together as Activities. By grouping these communications together, sales agents can plan their work for each contact or lead, etc.

On the page named My Activities, all the sales agent’s activities for all leads, contacts, and other CRM objects are listed. This list can be filtered and sorted so that the sales agent can immediately see what is of highest priority, and what specific task is at hand for clients, deals, etc.

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In the CRM object lists, whether for deals, leads, contacts, or companies, there is a column, Activity. When viewing a list, the sales agent can immediately see which records have an upcoming activity. Furthermore, the activity, for example a phone call or email, can be performed and logged directly in this list.

Events may be also added directly from the lists of CRM objects using the action button menu.

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