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Reports are one of the most important parts of the CRM system, since it is reports that allow prognosis and analysis of all work with clients and, in turn, optimization client interactions at individual stages or systematically.

Bitrix24’s CRM has a report builder for the following types of CRM elements: leads, deals, products, invoices, activities. Using this tool, you can create customized reports which provide insight into critical processes. The CRM includes 9 standard reports, as well. You can use these reports as they are or as templates for customized reports.

To work with CRM reports, navigate to the page CRM -> Reports. Available reports are visible here. If no reports are created yet, a button will offer to launch a wizard that creates the standard reports. We will not discuss the standard reports. You can get familiar with them in your Bitrix24 instance.

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Here we will look at the report builder.

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When creating a new report, you need to name it and indicate a reporting period (e.g. week or month).

The Columns section configures the reports columns:

  • The Calculate column option lets you show a value in the report that is calculated using other values. This could be a sum or a count of unique values in the column.
  • The arrow buttons let you modify the order of the columns in the resulting report.
  • To change the name of a column or to delete it, use the control buttons to the right of the column name:

    Note: for data types that show numbers, you can display the value as a percentage using the % control button:

  • The Add button adds a new column to the report.

The Filter section allows filtering parameters in the report:

  • The + and allow adding additional conditions to the filter or deleting an existing condition. When multiple conditions are entered, a drop-down list appears which allows you to choose the limitations of the results in the report according to all, or any subset of the chosen conditions.

  • The and/or button builds the condition tree:

    In the above example of building a report, the following conditions are applied:
    (Responsible person = Alex Boston and Deal stage = Closed Won) or (Responsible person = Ian May and Deal stage = Closed Won).
    Note: the level of ‘nested’ conditions is arbitrarily limited to 4 levels in order not to complicate the interface.
  • The Change filter in reports option lets you change applied conditions in the filter panel and change them directly while viewing the report.
  • Using the Maximum items option, you can limit the number of items which show up in the report.

The report builder allows reports to be previewed.

Data in the report changes in real time depending on changes in the CRM. Each user can build reports and see results corresponding to all the CRM items to which he or she has access.

By default:

Managers (Sales managers) can build reports based on their own activity.

Department heads see reports which include all the activity of their subordinates.

Chief Executive and Administrator roles see all applicable CRM data in reports.

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