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The most common business processes for handling the documents and CRM entities are included to Bitrix24.

Typical Business Processes

  • Two-stage Approval (Sequential Process)
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    Recommended when a document requires preliminary expert evaluation before being approved. During the first process stage, a document is attested by an expert. If an expert rejects the document, the latter is returned to an originator for revision. Otherwise, in case the document is approved, it is conveyed for the final vote to be passed by a selected group of employees on the simple majority basis. If the final vote fails, the document is returned for revision, and the approval procedure starts from the beginning.
    • Expert Opinion (Sequential Process)
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        Recommended for situations when a person who is to approve or reject a document needs expert comments on it. This process creates a group of experts each of which expresses their opinion on the document. Then, the opinions are passed over to the person who makes the final decision..
        • Read Document (Sequential Process)
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            Recommended when employees are to familiarize with a document. On input, the process takes a group of users who are to be notified. The recipients have an option to leave comments on the document.
            • Simple Approval / Vote (Sequential Process)
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                Recommended when a decision is to be made by a simple majority of votes. You can assign the persons whose votes are to be obtained, and give them an option to comment their decision. When voting completes, the persons involved are informed of the result.
                • Approve Document With Statuses (Process)
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                    This one is used when mutual agreement is required to approve a document.
                    • First Approval (Sequential Process)
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                        Recommended when a single opinion is sufficient. When starting, the business process takes a list of persons who are allowed to make a decision. The process completes when a first vote occurs.

                        The templates for typical business processes are created automatically. If, however, the typical constructions have not been created, the business process templates page will show the notification message:

                        Click Create Standard Business Processes. The page will reload showing the created templates.

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