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Last Modified: 22.11.2013

A user whose e-mail address was used as the source of the invitation gets maximum possible administration permission. In other words, he or she becomes the portal administrator. All other users get minimum access permission which can be changed later by editing their user profiles.

Inviting Users

The simplest way to invite a user (employee) is click the big green button and select Invite user from the menu:

The invitation form will show up:

Type in the e-mails of the persons you want to invite and click Invite. The users will receive a message, something like this:

You are invited to join the corporate intranet!

The intranet provides a platform for projects and tasks, sharing and managing documents, organizing meetings and for open discussions, blogs, and other communications.

registration link

To authorize, enter your email address as the login name. Upon your first login, you will be asked to create your password which will be known only to you.

The user will have to click the registration link and provide personal data in the registration form. Once the registration is completed, the user can access the intranet.

Note: you can always resend the invitation if so required by using the page Company > Employees > Invited:

Logging in

To log in, just enter the portal address in the browser address bar and hit Enter.

Removing Users

The number of users you can add to the portal (including the administrator) may not exceed the maximum stipulated by your tariff plan and license. If your portal is stuffed up with employees and you cannot add more but there has not been actual increase in the number of employees in your company, you have to disable the persons who left the company or was fired. Disabling a user retains the user profile and all associated data (files, messages, posts, tasks); however, this profile can no longer be used to log in the portal.

To disable an employee, open Company > Employees, find the required user and select Dismiss in the context menu:

A user profile can be physically deleted until a user has logged in for the first time. To delete the user profile of a still inactive user, find the entry in the invite list and select Delete:

However, the system provides no way to delete a user profile of a disabled employee because the associated user profile may contain potentially important information: tasks, files, messages, blog entries etc.

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