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Bitrix24 is a versatile system. To fully configure your portal, set the parameters of each service your company is going to use:

  • configure the Bitrix24 service settings;
  • review and set the licensing options;
  • set the working day parameters;
  • configure user subscriptions;
  • set the personal calendar parameters;
  • configure workgroups;
  • configure CRM.

LAN firewall settings

Company security policy may restrict Internet access to only the allowed addresses. To fully use the Bitrix24 services, the following addresses must be accessible:

  • *
  • *
  • bitrix*
  • * (telephony, bots, open channels)

Bitrix24 Service Settings

To set the portal service parameters and monitor the current service status, use the main menu and select Settings.

Use the Intranet Settings page to change the name of the company. The text of like/unlike controls used in social messaging can be changed to conform your corporate policy.

  • Date/Time format. Use this option to configure date and time display format: the order and format of days, months, and years. Use the 12/24 option to show time according to the standard established for your country.
  • Activate document editing via external services.... Check this option to allow documents to be edited using external services like Google Docs. A user needs to be registered in the service they intend to use for editing documents. This setting applies to all Intranet users.
  • Allow individual users and groups to activate document editing via external services. If checked, this option enables a library owner to enable or disable external editing feature for documents in their library.
  • Allow "All employees" as option in Activity Stream. By default, a "to-all" recipient is enabled for all Intranet users. Use this option to enable this feature for only the selected persons.
  • Use "All employees" as default recipient. If you choose to restrict the use of "to-all" messages, you might want to check this option to prevent accidental broadcast messaging.


If you don't want to use some of the Intranet tools or plan to deploy them later, use the options in this area to disable them.

Notice: this feature is only available in Standard and Professional tariffs.

IP restrictions

Use this security option to restrict access to your Intranet from only certain IP addresses. Click the Add link to select users or departments and specify the IP addresses and/or ranges from which they will be allowed to use the Intranet resources.

Notice: this feature is only available in Standard and Professional tariffs.

Company Logo

Use the controls in this area to upload your company logo to be shown on the Intranet pages. Please note that the maximum dimensions for your logo should not exceed 222px by 55px.

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