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Last Modified: 22.11.2013

For the purpose of working time management, the two user interface elements exist: the Working Day bar and the Worktime summary.

The worktime summary shows in the Bitrix24 cloud at Company > Worktime; for the on premise, it is under Employees > Time Tracker.

The Working Day bar

This bar is essentially an employee’s front-end to track working time and tasks. The bar is available to and has the same controls for all employees. Normally, the bar is collapsed to the status bar:

When collapsed, the Working Day bar shows:

  • the current event (if any assigned);
  • the current time;
  • count of the today’s unfinished tasks.

The use of this bar is discussed in the Working Day Tool.

The Worktime page

The information this page shows and the functions it provides are different for common employees and their supervisors.

An employee can only view the statistics of his or her working hours but cannot change them:

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Supervisors can view working time reports – for their immediate departments, or for subdepartments as well which depends on the settings. The way a supervisor can track and manage the subordinates’ working time is discussed in Worktime Summary.

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