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Attention! For Free and Standard licenses, the functionality Meetings and Briefings is unavailable.

The service Meetings and Briefings is a tool for automatizing preparation for a meeting, holding the meeting, controlling the goals set at the meeting, and history storage. It also offers "transparency" for the entire procedure for the management.

The colors that are used to mark the meetings included in the list have the following meaning:

  • Black - scheduled meetings;
  • Gray - finished meetings;
  • Blue - currently in progress.

Attendees of the meeting are divided by their roles and act in accordance therewith:

  • Owner creates a meeting, allocates duties among the attendees, and closes the meeting;
  • Attendees report on the topics of the agenda;
  • Administrative Assistant draws up a report.
  • Note: the Owner of the meeting is deemed its Administrative Assistant until such Owner appoints another person instead of themselves.

All collected materials of the meeting are kept in an archive and made available for review by the attendees of the meeting and the management of the company. A link is established between meetings of the same type: unresolved topics from the previous briefings are inherited, and the next meeting is planned at the current meeting.

Managers of subdivisions have access to the meetings attended by their subordinates even if the managers do not attend these meetings.

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