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Last Modified: 28.08.2014

Extranet is a web zone inside your Bitrix24 instance created so that company employees can productively collaborate with authorized users from third parties such as clients, suppliers, or partners.

The extranet is based on the workgroups. External users are invited to a workgroup, communicate with the workgroup members and are allowed access only to that workgroup and their own profile.

For example, web studios can create a separate workgroup that is available in the extranet for each project, invite clients there, discuss the project, store related documents and media files, manage tasks, schedule events, and so on.

Extranet Scheme

Each Extranet workgroup is divided among employees and outside users. The activity stream in the group’s main page shows the workgroup’s events. Employees who are members of the Extranet group will see its activity in the main Activity Stream, noted as coming from the Extranet. Extranet users will see the activities of the workgroup(s) in which they are members, members of these groups, and their own profile.

Messages can be sent to and from Extranet users, but only by employees who are members of the given Extranet group. Furthermore, tasks from the extranet group are listed and marked clearly in each employee’s personal task section.

Bitrix24 for an external user:

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Bitrix24 for an employee (internal user):

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The number of groups in the extranet is not limited. External users can be admitted into multiple groups if needed. After a group has completed its work, it can be saved as an archive and restored later if necessary.

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