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Last Modified: 04.09.2014

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The Document section allows sharing of files, texts, documents, spreadsheets etc. and enables teamwork activity.

Bitrix24 offers three types of file storages which differ by their location, not by functionality.

My Drive is a file storage area in each user’s profile. Access to this file storage and to individual files or folders within it can be determined by the user.

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Group Drives. Each project group or workgroup has its own document library. In library’s settings, access permissions for reading, editing, and creating documents are set according to the role of the group member.

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The Company Drive is a separate section for storage of and collaboration on general documents and files (like policies, directives, and standard forms for printing) which are available universally. The users have access to this library according to settings which can be configured as needed. It is also possible to give special access settings to individual files, that is, each document can have its own unique access settings, so some users can only read, others can edit, etc.

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