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In this example, we are going to create a task on behalf of the head of finance department located in New York for the employees of accounts department located in Berlin. And there is more – we have a very eccentric person, the head of Paris finance department whose strange whim is to know everything about the New York proceedings. He goes haywire if there is something going on and he’s not “kept posted” like he would say, so we better keep him informed.

This is going to be a controlled task, and it should not be closed until all the participants have completed it and the head of New York finance department has confirmed it.

Each of the involved employees will have to create a subtask belonging to this master task according to his or her function.

Sequence of actions: the head of New York financial department

  • Create a new task; enter the task name and description:

  • Set the task priority to High and mark the Propagate to multiple responsible persons checkbox:

  • Now click Change Responsible Persons and select the Berlin accounts department employees who will be involved:

  • Create new tags by clicking add and using the tags form add the tags to the task:

  • Click the time planning link:

    to set the task timeframe:

    The result should look like shown below:

  • Check the Require approval to close task option: otherwise, the task will be closed as soon as an employee completes it:

  • Now click the More link:

    Select the head of the Paris finance department as an observer who will be notified of the task progress:

  • Now click Add Task.

In the end, the task list will show the new task and the subtasks:

And this is what the task looks like in the task view form:

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Sequence of actions: the employees of Berlin accounts department

Once the head of New York finance department has created the task, it will appear in the task lists of the Berlin accounts department employees:

The task details in the task view form:

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Each of the affiliated employees will receive a new task notification (a personal message).

  • Start the task by clicking Start Execution.
  • After the work has been finished, click Add Comment and compose a report.

  • In this example, we assume that an employee has created a Microsoft Office presentation and uploaded it to the personal file folder.

  • Now, click Finish to complete the task.

Since the supervisor (the head of the financial department) has checked the Require approval to close task option when creating the task, the latter will not be closed automatically. The hourglass icon will notify the supervisor of the task requiring control:

The task will be closed as soon as the supervisor has verified the task results:

Sequence of actions: the head of New York financial department controlling and accepting the task

Once an employee starts the task, the task status icon in the task list will change.

After the task has been completed (it is not yet closed, remember!), the supervisor will see the icon change again:

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This icon indicates that the task has been finished and needs to be verified. The supervisor may accept the task, or “send” it back for revision:

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