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Last Modified: 10.10.2012
Note: a user can create groups and the button Create Group is available only if he or she has workgroup create permission.

To create a workgroup, follow the guidelines below:

  • Click the button Create Group. You will find it at the pages My Groups and Find Groups, or at the user personal page, the tab Groups.
  • In the group parameters form:

    Click to Enlarge

    • type the group name and description;
    • upload the group image (optional);
    • select the group topic. If you cannot find an appropriate selection, refer to the portal administrator or other known person with sufficient permissions;
    • set the group type (in Access And Visibility):
      • Visible to All: unchecking this option makes the workgroup invisible to the portal users;
      • Public Group, Anyone Can Join It: uncheck this option if you require membership pre-moderation;
    • select the persons allowed to send membership invitations (Who Can Invite to Group);
    • select the persons allowed to send arbitrary messages to the group members.
  • Click Create Group.

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