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The workgroup title page can be opened by clicking the workgroup infocard on the My Groups page:

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The page General (or tab, depending on the current user interface) presents information on the workgroup purpose, moderators, members and shows recent reports, discussions and tasks.

The functions available on this page depend on the Social Network module settings and the individual workgroup preferences.

The system supports the following group types:

  • public group: any registered user or employee can freely enter such group;
  • private group: a user becomes a member of a private group only after his or her application has been approved by the group moderator;
  • visible group: visible to all users;
  • invisible group: these groups are visible to the group members only;
  • archived group: any group can be moved to the archive if it is no longer active.

You will find the workgroup management functions in the Manage area (which is obvious, nevertheless frequently forgotten). The links available in this section depend on the permissions of a currently logged in user. The group moderator and the system administrator have full management access.

The following workgroup controls exist:

  • Write Message: opens a text editor to create and send a message to the group members:

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  • Edit Group: changes the group parameters (the name, description, picture etc.):

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  • Edit Settings: manages access to the workgroup features:

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  • Delete Group: wipes the group out of existence:

  • Edit Moderators: adds or removes the workgroup moderators:

  • Edit Members: adds or removes the workgroup members:

  • Ban List: shows the users who are denied access entirely to this workgroup; ban or unban users here:

  • Invite to Group: sends an workgroup invitation message to the users:

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    The message a user receives contains a link which, when clicked, allows a user to become the group member.

  • View Join Requests: shows the workgroup membership application requests thereby allowing the workgroup moderator to accept or decline new members:

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  • Subscription: sets the method by which the group members are notified of the news and updates:

To organize the workgroup events, use the page Calendar. Besides, an individual group member can have his or her favorite calendars. The strategy and methods of the calendar management and usage is similar to that of the user calendars.

The page Tasks provides framework for the setting up and management of the business tasks. The workgroup tasks can be stored in folders classified by a particular trait. The use of folders allows for splitting a task into subtasks to be assigned further to multiple employees. When managing tasks, you can exercise approaches similar to that of the user tasks.

As is the case with user personal pages, the workgroup has a private forum, a blog, a file storage and a photo gallery each of which can be accessed using the corresponding tabs.

A full list of the workgroup members is available at the Members page.

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