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The tab Blog encapsulates the user’s personal blog for posting opinions and other messages.

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Whether other users can see your blog posts or not is the matter of your preferences. If you open access to all users, your blog posts will be seen on the Blogs page (Communication > Blogs).

Creating Blog Posts

To add a new blog post, click Post To Blog. The new blog post form will open:

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After you are done typing the post text, you can make the new post visible by clicking Publish. Note that you can change the date and time of the post: just click the date/time link and select the desired date in the calendar:

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If you are not in the mood to tell the others what’s on your mind right now (or perhaps you are still afraid to tell the truth!), you can just save the post (click Post Later) and publish it later on: open the drafts folder by clicking Draft Messages and select the post you want to share with the people.

To take a look at your new post without actually publishing it, click Preview:

Edit and delete you posts using the two corresponding commands:

Commenting And Managing Comments

You can add a comment to a blog post on the blog post page.

If the blog allows comments, the link Add comment is available below the blog post text:

Clicking this link opens the comment form:

To comment on an existing comment, click Reply below it:

To scroll to a particular comment, click Link (which also sets the address bar contents to the comment URL).

The multilevel comments show the link Parent which navigates to the message this comment is a child of:

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