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The tab General shows the user’s personal and corporate information:

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The page is comprised of multiple sections showing:

  • the recently added friends (requires the friends feature);
  • the groups a user is a member of;
  • calendar events and tasks;
  • recent forum and blog posts;
  • personal files.

This information may be shown or hidden depending on the social network parameters and the user preferences.

If a user is away or on the Board Of Honor, this page reflects such status by showing an appropriate message.

Use the following links to manage the personal information.

  • Edit Profile is used to edit user information: contacts, personal and official information and authorization parameters.
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  • Edit Privacy Settings changes the permissions of other users to view your personal page, friends and groups; it also defines users allowed to invite you to groups and send personal messages to you.
  • Edit Settings enables or disables the portal features (Forum, Photo Gallery etc.), and assigns permissions with respect to these services.
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  • Use the My Subscriptions link to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the group and/or user updates:
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If a user is viewing the other user’s profile page, the available links are:

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  • Send Messag - sends a private message (aka PM) to the user;
  • Show Message Log - shows the messaging history;
  • Add to Friends (or Unfriend) - adds the user as a friend (or removes a user from friends);
  • Invite to Group - sends an invitation to the user;
  • Subscription - manages subscription for the user updates.

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