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This page represents a personal web desktop which can be customized using small building blocks also known as gadgets.

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Note: a user must be authorized to access this page.

The main purpose of the gadgets is to show different information in a specific way. For example:

  • employee’s essential tasks and events;
  • recent updates for which an employee is subscribed;
  • workgroups an employee is a member of;
  • recent blog and forum posts; personal information about other employees etc.

The gadgets can be freely repositioned on the desktop. A gadget usually has one or more configurable parameters.

To add a gadget to the desktop, click to open a menu showing all the currently available gadgets.

After you have selected a required gadget, it will appear at the top left of the desktop.

You can reposition a gadget in the same manner as you move windows in your operating system: just click the gadget title and move it while holding the mouse button down.

The button opens the gadget configuration form whose layout is gadget specific

Note: this button is available if only the gadget has options to configure.

To minimize the gadget, click .To close the gadget and remove it from the desktop, click .

The system preserves the desktop preferences and gadget configurations between the authorized sessions.

Whenever a user wants to restore the desktop to the original state, he or she can use the button .

Notice that if the desktop customization was prohibited by the portal administrator, all the portal users see the same desktop lacking additional buttons or menus. In this case, the desktop layout is defined by the portal administrator.

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