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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

In order to set up communication between the Intranet portal users, almost any instant messenger can be used; the only requirement is the support of XMPP protocol. We tested several messengers and can recommend you to try Miranda IM.

If you use any other messenger, you have to find the corresponding options in the messenger configuration window.

  • Open the Miranda options dialog and select the Network > Jabber page.

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  • Enter your Intranet portal login and password in the User and Password fields.
  • Type the domain of your server in the Server field.
  • Ask your Intranet portal administrator to advise you of the XMPP server port. Type the port number in the corresponding field.
  • Ask your administrator if SSL is used by the server. If so, check the SSL box.
  • Leave other fields as is. Click OK to save changes.

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