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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

All company employees obtain access to the portal resources according to access permissions set by the administrator. Furthermore, the portal administrator can customize the way the users register and authorize at the portal.

Before working with the portal:

  1. unregistered employees must register;
  2. registered employees must authorize.


If the portal settings allow for the self-registration of users, the portal web pages show a link Register:

  • at the top right corner of the screen. This link, when clicked, opens the following registration form:

  • in the authorization form. In this case, the registration form looks like shown on the screenshot below:

Enter the required information in the registration form: First name, Last name, Login, Password, Confirm password, e-mail address.

Click Register. The page will refresh. Now, you can start working with the portal.

Note: if the self-registration is disallowed, all the new users are added by the portal administrator or another person having sufficient permission.


If the portal configuration allows the unauthorized visitors to view the portal web pages, such viewers see the authorization form in the top right corner of the screen:

Otherwise, if the unauthorized visitors are disallowed to access the portal in any way, they will see the following authorization form whenever they open the portal in a web browser:

In the form, enter your Login and Password and click Login. As soon as the page updates, you can start working with the portal.

Upon authorization, a welcome block containing links to the frequently used pages in shown in the top right corner:

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