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The Services section offers special services and useful information to employees.

  • To view the current busy status of the meeting rooms, select and reserve time for your oncoming event, use the page Meeting Room Booking.
  • You can request services on the Submit An Order page. First, select the request type, and then fill in the request form.
  • The Knowledge Base page contains frequently asked questions. Here you can quickly find answera to your basic questions. If the answer to your question is not listed there, refer to the IT service department.
  • You can send a request to the IT service department on the Technical Support page. There you will describe your problem, and then discuss it with an IT service specialist who will try to solve your problem.
  • The Training section contains various training courses. Each course consists of a number of lessons; some lessons can be grouped. A course may contain self-check tests, and a final certification test that you can take to receive a certificate confirming that you passed the course. A summary of tests taken and certificates obtains can be viewed on the pages Gradebook and My Certificates, respectively.
  • Polls and surveys are the means to reveal the company employees' opinions on different matters. Users can vote in any active poll on the Polls page which shows a list of all polls and voting history.
  • Popular links are shown on the Link Directory page.
  • You can manage your subscriptions to newsletters on the Subscription page. There you can select subscription topics and specify your e-mail.

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