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The Employees section contains general information about the company staff and structure.

  • If you need to find an employee and/or obtain a brief information about them, open the Find Employee page and find a user.
  • The Company Structure page displays a vivid and illustrative view of the hierarchy of company's departments, subdivisions, branches or affiliates. Click a subdivision to view its inner departments, or a department to view its members.
  • Each employee has a Personal Profile page that shows their personal and official information. A user can add friends; create groups; publish photos; create forum topics and blog posts; manage their personal calendar and file storage.
  • The Staff Changes page registers changes that have taken place among the employees. You can look through the changes of the whole company or in a certain department.
  • If an employee is absent for any reason, this event is registered in the monthly Absence Chart. The absence graph can be constructed for a certain department and the list may contain all employees, not only the absent ones. To view the graph for other months, use the navigation buttons.
  • Featured and honored employees are shown on the Honored Employees page. In the user profile title, the award or accomplishment is specified.
  • The Birthdays page reminds you to send birthday greetings or find upcoming birthdays. You can select the department for which birthday information is required.
  • Introductory information that a new employee may require can be found on the For New Employees page.

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