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Last Modified: 24.11.2014

This action permits you to add an event to the calendar (used for the Event Calendar module).

Action Parameters

Since the meaning of most fields is clear from their names, their description is omitted.

Calendar type (optional) – sets the type of the calendar where the event will be created. Available types of calendars can be seen in module settings (Control Panel > Settings > System settings > Module settings > Event Calendar > Calendar Types).

Note: There is no need to specify the user type when creating an event in the user’s personal calendar since when the field is empty the event will be created exactly in this calendar by default.

Calendar owner ID (optional) – calendar owner’s ID is indicated.
If an event is created in the group’s calendar, the group’s identifier should be indicated (see the example below).

Note: This field makes sense only if the Calendar type is not equal to user.

User – specifies the user for whom an event will be entered into the calendar.


In order to create an event in the group (which, for example, has an address http://site_domen/workgroups/group/5/), the following fields must be completed in addition to the main fields:
  • Calendar type (optional): group
  • Calendar owner’s ID (optional): 5

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