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A business process can be run manually or automatically depending on its parameters. A business process can be set to start automatically when an underlying entity (for example, a document) is created or modified.

An animated image in the top right corner of the screen will notify the person responsible for a given process about pending tasks. Furthermore, you can provide for more persuasive hints by editing the business process template: add e-mail notifications; social network messages; events or tasks.

Running The Business Processes On Documents

You can set any business process to run automatically on the Business Processes Templates form:

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As you can see, in this case the Approve Document With Statuses business process will run automatically whenever an employee uploads a document:

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A person uploading the documents has to specify all the parameters required to start the business process.

Any business process can be run manually:

  • In the document’s action menu, open the New Business Process popup menu and select the required business process:

  • Set the parameters and click Run:

The business process will start execution according to the template and the parameters provided.

An employee can watch their business processes in the documents page Business Processes column:

To start working on a task assigned by the business process, an employee will open the Business Processes tab of the personal page in which he or she will find the assigned tasks:

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Using The Organizational Business Processes

An employee can start the organozational business process on their own. For example, an employee can click the Business Trip link:

Each business process shows a form to provide the startup parameters. For example, the business trip business process it can be like this:

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The Create Business Trip button starts the business process.

To perform the assigned tasks on the organizational and documentary business process, an employee can open their personal page and click the Business Processes tab. To view the current status and the actual task, open the business process details page by clicking the business process title link:

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To create a new organizational business process, click New Business Process:

Note, that this button is only available if an appropriate permission is specified in the Business Process (bitrix:bizproc.wizards) component parameters.

And this is the new business process creation form:

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Note the 'Add Element' Title field. It contains the text that will be shown as the link to start an instance of this business process. And the last (but definitely not the least) option to mention is the Business Process Template: here you will select the business process template which will define the whole logic of the new business process.

Once you have provided all the parameters, click Next to configure the variables of the selected business process template:

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Fill in the fields and click Create Business Process. The new business process, if it happens to create successfully, will be available on the business processes page:

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