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Last Modified: 26.06.2015

The Extranet module does not install automatically when you install Bitrix Intranet Portal. Upon installation, Extranet Site Wizard is available in the Wizards list (Settings > System Settings > Wizards):

Wizard list

If the module was not installed for some reason, you can install it manually. Open the Modules form (Settings > System Settings > Modules).

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Find the Extranet module in the list and click Install. After the module has been installed, you have to configure it by running the extranet site wizard. Click Run Extranet Site Setup Wizard link:

The Extranet Site Wizard

Run the wizard and configure your extranet site.

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  • Company Name: specify here the name of your company or any other text to be shown as the site main title;
  • Extranet Site ID: type here an arbitrary two-character code. A digit is also possible, but the first character must be a Latin letter. You should change the default ID if only it conflicts with the ID of the intranet portal;
  • Extranet Site Folder: provide the name of the folder in which the site will reside. It is not recommended to change the default folder name.

Click Install. Your extranet site is now being installed.

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The system will automatically advance to the next step after the installation is complete.

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Click Open Portal to close the wizard and open the extranet site.

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Now, if you open Control Panel, you will see the extranet website added to the system:

Site structure List of sites

The wizard creates all the necessary objects for your extranet website: information blocks, forums and blog groups.

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