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Last Modified: 26.06.2015

Extranet is a dedicated web zone created for the company employees for more productive collaboration with authorized representatives of other businesses or third parties.

The Extranet module is the extension of the Intranet Portal allowing the company to establish confidential communication with suppliers, distributors and other external users without granting them an access to the internal information.

Technically, the module is implemented as an individual website on Bitrix24 with restricted access. Functionally, the Extranet module is an add-on that is layered upon the Social Network and the Intranet modules enriching the system with special permissions for content and functions of the Intranet portal.

Access restrictions apply to the company staff (i.e. the users registered as members of the company structural departments) as well as the external users.

If a user is not a company employee (not bound to any department), the system redirects them to the extranet site. If a visitor is not even an external user, the system prevents them from viewing the extranet site.

The extranet web site is somewhat functionally different when compared to the Intranet portal. The extranet workplace is concentrated in a workgroup.

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