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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The following discussion explains the detains of creating the public user interface for the forums.

Creating Forums in the Social Network

The Social Network module settings page has a toggle to activate or deactivate the forum feature entirely. Open Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social Network and check or uncheck the appropriate boxes:

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Note: you can manage the social network settings for all sites by changing the All Sites options, or only for certain sites.

When creating the social network public interface, you must select the forum group to which the user forums will be bound, in every component you add (the same applies to the workgroups):

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The access to private topics and posts can be configured in the user (or workgroup) personal preferences:

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Adding Forums to the Public Section

The Forum (bitrix:forum) composite component created the entire user interface realm, including all the required pages and features. Just create a new page and add the component to it:

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Having added the component, select the forums you want to be visible. For example: General forum and News discussion. With these trivial actions performed, the forums page will look as shown below:

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Note: you will find additional information on using forums in the help section.

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