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The Document Library and the Information Blocks modules are required to implement the document library.

The implementation demands that you create an individual information block type (e.g. Documents). Also, an individual information block must be created for each library.

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  • the Common documents information block to store the shared workgroup library;
  • User Library – to maintain personal file storages (this is the very feature offered by the Files tab of the user profile);
  • Group Library – for the workgroup files (the Files tab on a workgroup page);
  • Top Management's documents– for files that only the managers can access;
  • Sales and Marketing – for documents used in the marketing department.
Note: when creating the information block, pay special attention to assigning permissions to user groups:

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For example, you can grant the edit access permission only to members of the Management Board and Sales and Marketing user groups, while administrators will have full access; and deny access for all other users.

In the public section, the private libraries to which a user does not have access permission are marked with a special icon:

Showing Libraries in the Public Section

The Library (bitrix:webdav) composite component implements all functions required to display and manage the document library in the public section. Just add the component to a page, specify the information block type and the information block in which the files will be stored (e.g. Documents and Common Documents, respectively), and you’re done:

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In the public section, the library page will appear as shown on the figure below:

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