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Last Modified: 25.06.2015

A user (employee) profile page can be created using the composite component Social Network: User (bitrix:socialnetwork_user). The component’s greatest advantage is that it can build a fully functional employee social network by creating only one page.

The extensive set of properties gives you many configuration options:

  • manage user information visible on the screen;
  • configure SEF and AJAX;
  • manage the personal photo gallery, calendar and file features.

Create a new page and add this component to it:

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Configure the component parameters.

  • In the URL Templates – fields, specify the template on which the group page paths will be created. This page must exist and be created using the bitrix:socialnetwork_groups component.

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  • In the Additional Settings fields, select the user properties you want to show on the user profile page.

    Then, select the blog group to which the users’ blogs will be bound, and the forum in which the employees’ topics will be created:

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  • Now configure the social network functions: blogs, files etc.

    For each function, specify the required information block type, and an information block in which the function-related content will be stored: photos, event calendars, files etc.

    The following figure shows an example of the Photo Settings property group:

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  • Configure other functions and parameters as required.

If you now save the page and open it in your web browser, you would see the result similar to the illustration below:

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The personal employee page presents the official, contact and personal information provided by the HR department and the employee themselves.

An employee can manage their profile information and control access to their personal page functions by clicking the links Edit Profile and Edit Settings, respectively. The Edit Privacy Settings link allows to restrict the access to your private area features to only the desired scope of users.

The My Subscription link manages notifications you have ordered to receive upon changes or new posts of the groups or other users. Alternatively, you can click Updates to view the most recent posts and changes.

If a user is a member of a user group with the Can view public section, can create groups permission, they can create workgroups and invite other users to the group.

Depending on the portal functions enabled by the administrator, a user can publish photos; create forum topics and blog posts; manage personal calendar and files.

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