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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

You will manage the module settings at the page Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social Network:

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The Social Network Settings tab shows the global parameters:

  • The Friends function is disabled by default. You can activate it by checking the Enable Friends box.
  • Provide the path templates of pages that will show the group topics and the groups in the fields Group Topic Path Template and Group Path Template, respectively.
  • In the User Settings group, you can disable or enable any available social network function. Essentially it means that a user will or will not see the respective tab at their profile page (Forum, Blogs, Photo Gallery, Files, Calendar).
  • The same applies to the Group Settings section.
Note: you can manage the social network settings for all sites by changing the All Sites options, or only for certain sites.

The Access tab configures the permissions of different user groups to access the module:

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The following permissions are available.

  • Can view public section, cannot create groups – users can view the social network pages and edit their own profile.
  • Can view public section, can create groups – users can view the social network pages; edit their own profile; create workgroups.
  • Read access to Control Panel – users can fully manage the social network elements in the public section and view but not edit the Control Panel settings.
  • Full access – full access to the module functions.

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