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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Showing information about absent employees requires an individual type of information block (for example, Company structure), and an information block of this type (e.g. Absence chart) that will contain records about the absence status of employees.

The portal user groups that can create/edit the records are defined in the information block access settings:

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In the illustration above, the HR department group users can create or edit absence records, while Administrators and Portal administrators have full access.

Creating a Record

To add a record about the employee’s absence, open Content > Company structure > Absence Chart and click Add Item on the context toolbar:

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  • Check the Published box to make the absence record to show on the chart.
  • Specify Start date and End date of the employee's absence.
  • Specify the Reason for absence. This text will be printed on the chart.
  • Select a person in the Employee field.
  • Select the Leave type. The chart shows different leave types in different colors.

Save changes by clicking Save.

Viewing the Absence Chart in the Public Section

The Absence calendar component (bitrix:intranet.absence.calendar) displays the employees' absence in the public section:

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This component can display the employee absence chart as a calendar:

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Moreover, the absence chart can be created for a certain department; the list can be set to show all employees, not only the absent ones. To view the chart for different periods, use the navigation buttons. An employee name link switches to their personal page.

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