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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Kernel module is the control point for the portal user accounts and the user group settings. You can add new users can be added manually or automatically using the import procedure.

To view and manage the user accounts, open Settings > Manage users > User list:

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To add a new user, click Add user on the context toolbar. A new user creation form will open:

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On the User tab, fill in the following required fields: E-mail, Login, New password and Confirm new password; specify the user information. Switch to the Groups tab and select the groups to which a created user will belong by checking boxes in the corresponding fields:

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Fill in the other form fields if needed. Save changes.

As a result, the created user will be added to the list.

Note! If the user self-registration feature is enabled (in the Kernel module settings), the user account will be created automatically upon registration.

Note! The administrator account is created at the installation time automatically. Later on, the administrator registration data can be modified, but the account cannot be deleted.

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