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Last Modified: 06.05.2015

The page for setting up telephony parameters.

Configure default numbers

When setting up users, the field Number for outgoing calls is obligatory. This is the number the client will see as outgoing. For the sake of simplicity, Default number can be used for users’ settings. This number is displayed for all users. If necessary, it can be changed to another number in the settings of a specific employee.

Configure call interface

Telephone calls can be set up as a chat depending on the work environment and users’ habits. The chat will look as follows for the setting Create separate chat for each call (all information for one number is in one window):

Manage Black List

Bitrix24 permits you to block unwanted calls. For this, the option Auto block phone numbers outside office hours on the page Telephony > Other settings shall be activated, and appropriate parameters for this option shall be set.

Number blocking is permanent and cannot be removed. That is why it is very important to give the right message on the answering machine for during hours outside of office hours to avoid erroneous blocking of clients’ numbers. The administrator will be notified about blocking a number.

If specific telephone numbers of unwanted callers are known, they can be added to the Black list.

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