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The portal must be set up for the use of telephone on the page Telephony > Phone Numbers.

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Connect to your number

Connect your number for outgoing calls so that contacts you call will see your correct number and be able to call you back.

In addition to the number indication, you can give permission to record calls from this number and check the number of an outbound call using the number base available in CRM.

Rent a number

The company may lease a number from our operator and bind it to its portal. To do so, just select the country, region, and one of the numbers offered. The list of available countries and regions is constantly expanding.

Having selected and connected a number, set up the routing and processing of inbound calls.

If a number is no longer needed, it can be eliminated. The number elimination is deferred; it will be disconnected in 24 hours. This is done to protect company owners from rash decisions or occasional errors. The number elimination is confirmed by a message sent to the contact email of the portal.

Text of the message confirming that the number is disconnected

Until a number is disconnected from the interface, it is still active and can be used to place and accept calls and pay for them.

Connect SIP PBX

Functionality of the connection of an office or cloud PBX.

Call routing

After a number is leased or a SIP PBX is connected, these numbers can be set up in order to work with Bitrix24 Telephony > Phone Numbers > Rent a number > Configure number. This includes call routing and ringtones.

Call routing makes it possible to build a queue of employees among which inbound calls will be distributed. Ringtones can be assigned for each type of call operations.

Values of checkboxes for routing:

  • Extension number processing - checking this box will give an instruction to the Bitrix24 service to forward an inbound call to a specific employee as if the number of such an employee had been dialed and also inform it about the actions in case the employee does not pick up the call.
  • Check for the number in all the CRM records – checking this box will turn on the checking of inbound calls in the CRM base and forward the call to the manager assigned to this number. In addition, actions can be set up if the employee does not pick up the call.
  • Queue – here, the queue of employees is indicated along with a number of dial tones after which the call is redirected to the employee who is the next in the queue. The queue is loaded uniformly: if the previous call was sent to employee A, the next will be sent to employee B, etc.

    Note: The option Do not transfer calls to users who have not started their workday or are on break permits forwarding calls only to the employees who are actually working at the moment. The option is available only for the rates that take into account office hours.

    Specifics of queue operation
  • Missed Calls – an indication of what to do in case no employee from those indicated in the queue answered the inbound call. The value Enqueue of this field cycles the inbound call until an employee answers it.
  • Save recordings of all calls if this box is checked, all of the conversations will be available in the statistics of the calls and saved to Company Drive in the folder Telephony: call recordings. The volume of this folder is taken into account as part of the total space available on a portal, i.e. storage is free as long as free space is available.

    File name is generated according to the template: date_time_number. For example: 2014-06-10_01-55-19__7************.flv.

    Note: access to this folder is restricted to portal administrators, but folder settings permit you to grant access to other employees as necessary.

Time settings

Outside of office hours, clients will receive a voice message set the section Time settings. This signal will be activated according to the settings indicated in the same section.

Setting fields are user-friendly; only the field Off hours call processing may require additional comments. The following options are available:

  • Use voice mail by default, a pre-set melody is activated.
  • Transfer call to a different number – a special field will appear in order to introduce the number.
  • End call – this call is not chargeable, it is important for 8-800 numbers that pay for inbound calls. Selecting this value permits to protect the owner of a federal number against fraud.

Voice message accompanying ring tone is automatically set in the language of a portal. It can be changed as necessary.

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