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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

To make your web shop actually working, you will have to provide it with some data it requires.

  1. Configure the payer types;
  2. Create the product property groups;
  3. Add the product properties;
  4. Add locations;
  5. Optional: create location groups (unifying locations in groups facilitates configuring and using delivery services);
  6. Add the delivery services;
  7. Configure the payment systems;
  8. Configure the order statuses which will indicate order processing stages. The statuses are useful for the customers as well as the web store managers because they can easily tell what’s going on with an order;
  9. Optional: create discounts;
  10. Optional: create tax rates;
  11. Optional: configure affiliates.

Each of these operations are discussed in detail in the forthcoming lessons.

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