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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Before you can start using your Media Library, you have to configure it.

  • Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Module Settings and select the Site Explorer module. Click the Media Library tab:
  • Click to Enlarge

  • Now set the parameters:
    • Tick the Use Media Library checkbox:
    • Set the desired size of image thumbnails;
    • Add more file extensions you want to store in the library, if required. Other files will be rejected at the upload time;
    • Set the maximum size of images the library can store;
    • To use Media Library instead of the common file dialog for selecting files of types specified in this tab, tick the Use Media Library As… box. The exemplary uses of this feature are highlighted in Examples Of Usage.

The media library content types are collection specific and described in full detail in the lesson Using Collections.

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