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To reply to a ticket, double click it in the list or click the respective context menu item to open the ticket editing page:

The ticket view form consists of three parts:

  • Information;
  • Discussion;
  • Answer.

Information part

This part holds the following data:

  • site where the ticket was created;
  • ticket source (e-mail, phone number, web form, forum) and the author;
    A user ticket (for example, via the phone call) can be registered by the administrator or by a helpdesk staff member. The ticket is bound to a certain user in the system using the Author field. Thus, further discussion will be in the context of the ticket.
  • the date when the ticket was created and modified;
  • the time and date of the last efficacious reply (i.e. the reply that changed the indicator colour to green).


This part contains:

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  • the list of all the ticket messages;
  • records (logs) about actions of both helpdesk specialists and ticket author (yellow indicator). For example: about a reply to a ticket, ticket update, assigning the responsible etc.;
  • records about system actions (pink indicator). For example: about indicator change, ticket expiry, ticket autoclose etc.


This section is used to create the ticket reply. The following modes can be used:

  • View;
  • Reply

The default message mode is selected in the Helpdesk module settings (Settings -> System settings -> Module settings -> Helpdesk).

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If a message is opened in the View mode, switch to the Reply mode to reply to the ticket:

Note! The current mode button is inactive and is highlighted with yellow.

List of users who opened the message is displayed in a special area located on the left.

For each user, a mode icon is displayed:

 - view mode:
 - reply mode.

This allows to set up teamwork with tickets and prevent ticket update collisions that may occur if more than one user try to reply to a ticket.

Users viewing the message are updated automatically according to the Helpdesk module settings:

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The link updates the list if users currently viewing the message.

Switching to the Reply mode starts reply timing.

Thus, if a message is opened in the Reply mode by default, timing starts immediately.

While handling a message, a helpdesk specialist can:

  • Reply to a ticket.

    Note! If a created reply is just a remark (e.g. about current helpdesk actions) and is not a final decision, you might want to preserve the current ticket status. To do so, check the Do not change ticket status box.
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  • Create a hidden message which will be available to the helpdesk staff members only;
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  • Set status, emergency level, difficulty, category, SLA and assign a specialist responsible for the ticket.

    If the SLA or category is changed, the default specialist specified in the SLA or category parameters can be assigned as responsible for this ticket. For that, the icon is used, which is located beside the corresponding field.
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  • If a ticket cannot be replied within the short time or it has to remain actual, the ticket can be saved as deferred. The current status (ticket indicator) will not change.
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  • Check the Close ticket box to close the message.
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  • The option Close after no responses more than defines the expiring time after which the ticket will be automatically closed.

    A ticket can be closed automatically if the author has not added more messages to the ticket after the helpdesk specialist reply.

    The default value of this field is specified in the Helpdesk module settings.


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According to the mail template settings, messages about ticket changes (for example: about a reply, status change etc.) are forwarded to the e-mail addresses of the ticket author, responsible specialist and helpdesk administrator.

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