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Working in the public interface

In the public section, a user is entitled to view their tickets and responses only.

A technical support specialist communicate with a client in the private form. That is, other site visitors are not allowed to view tickets created by the client.

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Technical support administrators can view all messages, while specialists can view only messages for which they are responsible.

The following information is displayed for each ticket:

  • a unique ticket ID;
  • the date when the ticket was last modified, and the name of a user who modified the ticket;
  • ticket category (if specified);
  • specialist responsible for the ticket (depends on the category and the SLA);
  • the level of urgency;
  • current status of the ticket.

To create a ticket, click Create new ticket.

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The ticket creation form allows a user to:

  • attach files containing additional required information (for example: screenshot illustrating an error);
  • set the ticket emergency level;
  • select the ticket category.

If needed, a ticket can be modified after it has been created:

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How to send a message via the e-mail

Messages sent via the e-mail are handled using the Mail module rule.

  • The Mail module can have an account to which tickets will be forwarded to reach the technical support service. For example, Support:

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  • Rules can be configured for the created account to stipulate that the forwarded messages will be put into the list of Helpdesk tickets:

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    Rules are created using the Helpdesk e-mail template.

    • The demo version includes examples of rules to add tickets to the techsupport service.
    • Rules that are used to add tickets can be applied for any existing account.

    The Conditions tab sets prerequisites that define how messages (tickets) will be added to the techsupport service.

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    For example, the conditions on the above figure:

    • each time a new message is received, the system will attempt to find the message sender e-mail address in the list of registered users (1*).

      After the author is identified, a corresponding SLA is assigned to the message;

    • besides, the system will check whether pending messages created by a user with the same e-mail are available (2*).
    • Templates allow to identify whether a received message is a response to the one sent by a technical support specialist (3*).
      • If yes, the message text will be appended to a respective ticket.
      • If no, a new ticket will be created.

How to add message from the forum

If required, administrator can moved a message from the forum to the Helpdesk module using the Add to Techsupport button:

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This may be necessary if a message touches complicated technical questions that are beyond the forum subject.

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