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The procedure of creating and handling a ticket received by the technical support service is controlled by the service level agreement (SLA).

SLA is a formal agreement between a company and users to provide a certain level of service (in our case, technical support).

  • Each user group entitled to create a ticket is assigned a certain SLA which defines the ticket response time and some parameters.
  • Users can use the following three methods to create tickets:
    • via standard forms on the site;
    • via the e-mail;
    • via phone call.

    Also, certain forum messages (e.g. concerning purely technical problems or that are beyond the forum subject) can be moved to the technical support service. A message can be moved by the site or forum administrator.

    Each message is assigned a unique ID which simplifies registering and handling new tickets.

  • A technical support ticket is handled according to the SLA preferences. Reply is published on the site and is sent to a user via the e-mail. Only the user who has created the ticket and technical support specialists can view the discussion.

The technical support interface consists of two parts:

  • administration which can be accessed via the Control Panel 
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  • public
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A common practice for techsupport clients is to access the public interface, while the specialists handle requests in the administration interface. Administration and public  interfaces are different in design and functions.

The following roles are used to manage the Helpdesk module user access permission levels.
  • Technical support clients are entitled to access the ticket administration menu; they are allowed to create and edit their own tickets in administration and public files.

    A technical support client is notified about all events occurring to their ticket via the e-mail (e.g. about ticket status changes, responsible person assignment; ticket reply etc.). Also, when creating a ticket, a user receives notification containing the original ticket information (the ticket number, name of the default responsible person etc.).

  • Technical support specialists can access all menu items and Helpdesk pages. They handle tickets for which they are responsible.

    A technical support specialist is notified via the e-mail about all events occurring to their tickets. A new responsible person receives the notification containing the ticket information.

  • Technical support administrator can edit the technical support dictionary and any ticket as well as assign responsible persons. The administrator receives e-mail messages about all tickets addressed to the technical support service.

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