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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Google Sitemap is a new while very comprehensive tool, which is used to dispatch information about site pages to the Google database. Google Sitemaps are particularly essential when used with dynamic sites whose pages are generated automatically since it ensures that the Google database will have the complete information about all site pages.

In its core, the Google Sitemap is an XML file. Despite the fact that the file format is simple, creating a Google sitemap is a tedious task taking much time. The Create Google Sitemap form will help you create your sitemap (Settings -> Search -> Google Sitemap):

Note: If your server experiences excessive load, you may want to create the sitemap in several steps. Specify the duration of a single step in the Step duration field.

When the sitemap is ready, you will see brief instructions on how to dispatch your sitemap to Google, as well as the sitemap link for downloading:

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