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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

You can create and manage e-mail message processing rules in the Mail rules form (Services -> Mail -> Rules):

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To create a new rule, click New rule on the context toolbar and choose the required type template:

  • manual settings - you will have to configure all parameters of a new rule as required;
  • adding message to techsupport - a new rule is created using the special built-in helper template to simplify creating rules to filter out techsupport messages.

A typical e-mail rule has the following parameters :

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  • the mailbox to whose messages the new rule will be applied;
  • one or more conditions;
  • actions to be performed if the conditions are met.
Note: you have to choose the type of event that will cause the rule to be applied:
  • When receiving mail - the rule will be applied whenever a new message satisfying the rule criteria is received;
  • When applying the rule manually - the rule can be applied if called intentionally (e.g. when viewing a message).

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