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Last Modified: 24.06.2015

You can manage e-mail accounts in the Mailboxes form (Services -> Mail -> Mailboxes):

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Note: Bitrix Framework supports an unlimited number of mailboxes.

A mailbox (mail account) is a record with the following fields:

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You can specify the following information in the mail account editing form:

  • the system name of an e-mail account;
  • the server where a mailbox is hosted;
  • mailbox access information (name and password);
  • message delivery options.
Note: you can deliver e-mail messages either manually or automatically.

To check for new e-mail messages automatically, specify the interval (in minutes), in the Check interval field, after which the system will check for new messages on the specified server.

If you want to check for new messages manually, set the value of this field to 0.

When setting up a new e-mail account, you can create rules that will be used with this mailbox.

These rules will be applied to messages received from this mailbox. For example, the rules can be spam filters etc.

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