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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Creating a poll

Let us create a "What kind of books do you prefer?" poll. We'll make it a member of the Poll in Bookstore poll channel.

  1. First, create the Poll in Bookstore poll channel with the BOOKS_VOTE symbolic identifier (Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Poll channels, click Create).

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    Configure user access permissions to polls of this group (the Access tab).

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  2. Now, create the Poll in Bookstore poll.

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  3. The next step is to create a list of questions to this poll.

    The Poll in Bookstore poll will contain only one question with a choice of answers.

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    Create possible variants of answers:

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    The Radio field type allows to select only a single choice from the list.

Publishing the poll

The Polls and Surveys module visual components are used to publish a poll. Add the created poll to the include area of site page using the Current poll composite component. Do the following.

  1. Open the page in the HTML visual editor.
  2. Place the visual component Current poll.

    This component is used to display form or results for current poll.

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    In the component settings, specify the group whose poll will be displayed on the page. In our case, it is the Poll in Bookstore poll group.

  3. After the page is saved, the poll will be displayed in the public section.


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    Information about poll respondents will be available in the Control Panel (Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Visitors).

    Information about voting results is available on the Visitor votings page (Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Visitor votings).

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