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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

In general, the process of managing manual newsletters includes the following actions:

  • creating a newsletter category (rubric);
  • creating facilities to allow visitors subscribe to the rubric;
  • creating newsletter issues of the rubric;
  • sending e-mail messages.
Let us create a manual subscription Catalog news. Open the Newsletter categories page (Services -> Newsletter -> Newsletter categories). Click Add on the context toolbar
  1. Manual subscriptions require filling in fields of the Subscription tab only:

    Click on image to enlarge

  2. To allow visitors to subscribe to issues of the new rubric, check the box Display in public section. This will cause the created newsletter category to be shown in the Subscription form of the public section:

Click Save. Now that we have created a new subscription rubric, we can create newsletter issues and send them to subscribers. You will find the description of these operations in the next lessons.

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