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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The wide range of functions offered by the Newsletters and subscription module can help you solve virtually any task concerning sending e-mail messages from the site. You can use it to inform your visitors about company news, achievements, services etc.

The following two subscription modes can be used on the site:

  • public - site visitors can subscribe to newsletters by themselves, without assistance or permission. Visitors can also edit parameters of existing subsriptions.

    Both registered and unregistered (anonymous) users can be permitted to subscribe to newsletters.

  • private - in this mode, users can be subscribed by a Newsletters and subscription module administrator, or by a system administrator.

The system supports the following methods of sending newsletter issues:

  • manual - when creating a newsletter issue, you can select subscriptions to whose subscribers a newsletter message will be sent. The process of sending messages is initiated by the Newsletters and subscription module administrator;
  • automatic - newsletter issues are generated and sent automatically using the specified template and schedule (at the time and days specified in advance).

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