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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The blog interface is built up as an aggregate of administration and public files, or pages.

The demo version takes advantage of the new composite component Blogs to create pages and sections for blogs.

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Physically, this component occupies only one page; but in fact, it is quite smart to build the fully functional blogging section for a site. Just a single move and you obtain a pile of pages:

  • blog index page (displays blog groups, recent messages etc.);
  • "Add to friends" page;
  • blog settings page;
  • user group configuration page;
  • tag customization page;
  • blog owner profile page;
  • blog search page;
  • other service pages.

You can explore sample blog public files in /communication/blog/ (according to the Blogs module settings):

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Note that the demo version index.php file is used to perform all blogging interface jobs in the common mode (not search engine friendly, SEF), while blog_sef.php handles SEF mode requests.

For example, the following URL may happen to be queried to view a blog post without SEF:

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Otherwise in the SEF mode:

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