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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

In this lesson we shall create a Job Application web form in the simple mode.

  1. To begin with, switch to the simple editing mode. For that, enable the option Use simple editing mode in the module settings:

  2. Then, open the web form management page (Services -> Web Forms -> Manage Forms). Create a new web form by clicking Create on the context toolbar. This will open a web form editing page:

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    Here you can:

    • enter the web form title;
    • set titles of menu items as they will appear in the Control Panel menu, for each language in the system. By clicking these menu items, you can open the web form result page;
    • choose sites on which the web form will be available;
    • create form template using the visual editor;
    • provide event identifiers for use by the Web Analytics module;
    • assign access permissions for the web form and results.

    Web form completion results can be sent via the e-mail. In the simple mode, you can generate a template which will be used to create and send reports. To do so, check the Send form results by e-mail box.

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    The template will be generated right after the web form is saved. By clicking the templates link, you can view the list of templates and edit them if required.

  3. Save the form. Now it is displayed in the Forms report table.
  4. The next step is to create questions for our web form. You can start creating questions by clicking the plus sign (+) in the Questions column.

    For example, you might consider adding the following question to the Translator web form:

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