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Subscription renewal

Your site can be a point of sale not only for your products and services, but also any content. The subscription process is similar to product purchasing with the only difference that the Delivery step is omitted.

Upon completion, an order becomes added to the order list and can be viewed on the Orders page. After a customer has paid for an order, its status changes to paid (or it can be changed by an administrator) so the delivery (in the form of download etc.) becomes possible. Now, a new record appears in the Subscription renewal table (e-Store -> Renewal).

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The access to content is purchased for a certain period. Upon expiration, the subscription can be renewed in different ways, depending on the settings of the purchased content. The settings discussed below refer to the product settings. To view them, click Content and select a product (in the demo site, you can open Content -> Content selling -> Paid content subscription).

  • If the options Payment type is set to Recurrent, the options Payment duration and Time unit of payment duration are specified, and the option Renewal without ordering is not active:

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    In this case, when the subscription expires, a new order will be created automatically. The system will attempt to pay for the order (renewal) from the internal customer account (or the customer's credit card if it is registered). The system sends will notify a customer about the new order by the e-mail.

  • However, if the option Renewal without ordering is active, the system will try to perform payment silently, without creating a new order. If payment fails to complete successfully, the subscription will not be renewed; a customer will have to visit the site and buy the subscription explicitly.
You can watch the customers' subscriptions on the Subscription renewal page. To edit a subscription, double-click it or select Edit parameters in the action menu. To add a new subscription manually, click Add on the context toolbar.

Assume you have created a new subscription. After a customer has bought the subscription and it has been automatically renewed, the subscription renewal editing form will change as shown below.

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Hourly subscription
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Hourly subscription renewal

You can see that the customer's subscription has been cancelled. The option Renewal without ordering is not marked, therefore the system renewed the subscription automatically by withdrawing money from the internal account. When the account has ran out, the system cancelled the subscription automatically.

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