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The internal customer accounts can make selling content, products or mp3 files even more comfortable. The core idea of user accounts is that a customer can top up their balance by any possible method, and then use their budget to pay for content or products.

The Internal user accounts form displays all available accounts and shows the balance of each account.

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You can create a new account here (e-Store -> Customer accounts -> Accounts) by clicking Create a new account. This opens an account editing form:

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  • User: only the registered uses can have internal customer accounts. Click and select a user from the list.
  • Account amount: Type the initial amount, and select the account currency.
  • Notes: leave any notes here, if required.
  • Reasons to change the amount: Type here the reason why the amount has been changed.

To edit an existing account, select Edit account parameters in the action menu:

This will open the account editing form which is slightly different now:

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A new option is available for existing accounts: Unlock account. This option controls the account status, so administrators can quickly enable or disable customer accounts.

Customer accounts can be modified manually or automatically (e.g. upon payment). Any change of account amount is a transaction.


A transaction is the process that takes place when the amount of an account changes: withdrawal or replenishment of money. The system records all transactions; you can view them here (e-Store -> Customer accounts -> Transactions):

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Administrators can perform transactions manually by clicking Add transaction on the context toolbar, which opens the transaction editing form:

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