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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The system allows to create and use many different payer types. In the public section, a customer is asked to choose their payer type at the first step of the ordering procedure:

Every payer type has its own properties to be provided when checking out, and its own payment system handlers. According to the type, a customer has to fill the corresponding set of fields at the ordering time. Payer types depend on the site. Customers can choose from different payer types on different sites.

Open the payer types page (e-Store –> Settings –> Payer types) and configure our payer types. The system comes with the two types preconfigured: private and legal entity.

Add a new type: small business.

After you click Save, the new type will be available in the list:

For each payer type, the table shows the number of properties that were created and assigned to the type.

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