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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Having installed the module (or the system), open the module settings page (Settings -> System settings -> Module settings -> e-Store).

The following fields require that you provide valid and correct values in them.

  • Sales department e-mail - an e-mail address to which messages from the module will be sent;
  • Default registration e-mail. Only the registered users are allowed to make purchases. If a customer has not been previously registered in the system, they are prompted to register at the check-out time. This field contains the e-mail address that will be used as the customer's e-mail address for registering such users by default.
    If an order has an e-mail property filled in, its value will be used instead of the default e-mail address (see Order properties).
  • The field Keep basket information (days) indicates the period of time (days), during which the customer's shopping cart will be preserved. If this field is empty, the cart remains valid as long as the cookies exist.
  • The field Path to custom payment systems processors is set to /bitrix/php_interface/include/sale_payment/ by default. The folder contains payment system templates that can be copied from the system kernel and modified as required. Also, you can create custom payment processors. For details, see Payment systems.
  • Fix Catalog module as a catalog of products - check this option if you plan to sell products from the context of the Commercial Catalog module only. This will restrict products that can be added to a user's shopping cart to those containing in the Commercial Catalog module.
  • Default currency - specifies currency that will be used to display prices and amounts in the Control Panel.

    Note! The e-Store module requires that the Currency module is also installed. You will find more information about this module in the Using currencies section. Your web shop will not be able to function unless you specify at least one currency.

Other settings, as well as using affiliates, are described further.

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