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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Information Blocks module enables web developers to create product catalogs as complex as required. Consider an example of creating the Books catalog. Our task requires the following actions to be performed:

  • create the Bookstoreinformation block type;
  • create the Books information block;
  • create the information block sections with the names the same as the book subjects;
  • add books to the catalog.
  1. First, we create a new information block type: Bookstore (click Content -> Information blocks -> Information block types, click Add new type on the context toolbar). Enable the Use tree view to classify section elements option in the type properties.
  2. Next, create the new information block of the Bookstore type, and give it a name of Books(Content -> Bookstore, click Add information block on the context toolbar).
  3. Create sections in the information block: Adventure Fiction, Business & Investing, Children's Books etc. Following the operations performed, the structure will look as follows:

  4. Add elements to the created sections of the Books information block.

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