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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Bitrix Site Manager can show the user interface controls and messages in any language which is achieved by using downloadable message files containing text in a corresponding language. To download new or update existing language files, open the System Update page (Settings > Update):

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Click the Updates tab:

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Here you can:

  • update your language files to new versions for the languages that are already installed in your system (Recommended Updates);
  • install support for new languages (Optional Updates). Note that the system downloads these files automatically when you add user interface languages.

Select the required updates and click Install Updates.

Downloading Language Files: Example

Assume you have a Spanish (Latin American variant) user interface installed and want to update the language message files.

  1. Open the update system form (Settings > Update).
  2. Click the Updates tab and select the existing updates for the Spanish (Latin American) language:

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  3. Finally, click Install Updates. The new files will be downloaded and installed.

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